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I have started this website so that I can publish my father’s and I’s consultations and to reach out and help as many people as we can. I have watched my father, Truman Berst, help thousands of people through out my lifetime. I believe in him and support what he does. I am also a Master Herbalist, Iridologist, and Licensed Massage Therapist carrying on his legacy. Through God’s holy spirit we are on a mission to help as many people as we are able.  Please visit the Common Conditions page where you can watch or listen to our recorded consultations. If you are unable to find what you are looking for email me and I will message you back and point you in the right direction.  GOD BLESS YOU!



About Dr. Truman

Dr. Truman started his training in 1961 with Dr. Norma Myers, Master Herbalist and Dean of Green Shores Herbal College in Vancouver, B.C. Dr. Myers was an Iroquois Native American, and a close friend of Nurse Renee Cassie. He continued his research with Dr. Myers until her death in 1988, when she gave him Power of Attorney to carry on her Christian Ministry of Natural Health Research and Education. Dr. Truman received a BS, Masters, and Ph.D. from Green Shores Herbal College in Ethno Botany and Phytotherapy. He is a graduate Master Herbalist, Chartered Herbalist, and Master of Herbology. He also received his Credentials of Ministry and Bishops Certificate from The Christian Heritage Institute, Florence, Oregon.

In the last 56 years, Dr. Truman has researched and studied with many of the world’s greatest advocates of natural healing, including Dr. John R. Christopher. He also was the Executive Director of Sales for Nature’s Herbs. Together, we founded Health & Herbs a not-for-profit Unincorporated Association that was an outreach of Good Shepherd Ministries, now an outreach of Evangelical Christian Ministries under the direction of my daughter Brittney Haywood. Dr. Truman is also a member of the American Herb Association, American Botanical Council, and Herb Research Foundation. He has created more than 12,000 natural remedies in the forms of extracts, teas, powders, salves, creams, lotions, capsules and tablets and more.

truman@healthherbs.com  503-362-5899 worlwide computer  or  Jamaica  1-876- 538-7663

I am currently in Kingston, Jamaica in a wonderful 4 bedroom 2 bath home with a beautiful panoramic view of the carribean ocean, from the house or large terrace and is 10 minutes from the beach or waterfalls. A 1 acre property to expand into apartments. A natural remedies health retreat where we will provide one on one natural remedies education and health & wellness plans. We will have 2 -3 people per stay as we are building on more rooms and apartments. We will offer food and supplements, trips to town or beach, and sites. A place to relax in the sun, get healthy and stay healthy!  Join me!
Call 1-503-362-5899 0r 1-876-538-7663

The owner of the facility is looking for a donation or loan of $10,000 US, to finish, and open this natural healing treatment, and education retreat.

Please Skype, call or Email If you would like me create a natural remedy health and wellness plan for you or someone you love.

I have helped many people with natural remedies for over 50 years.

I provide a health plan and wellness system for a $100 one time donation until you no longer have the problem. However any donation size is accepted. I always help those who cannot donate.



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Your donation supports further outreach with creative education videos, updated protocalls and supporting time for vast research to truly cater to your specific health needs. 

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I am not a medical doctor. I am a Master Herbalist. I do not prescribe or diagnose conditions. The information and remedies I will suggest have been used throughout the centuries and should not be used instead of a qualified medical professional. Under the 9th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, you have the freedom of choice in any type of health practitioner.

Please help to alert everyone that we are losing our health food manufacturers, stores, and the right to eat, or be educated about health food. It appears that we are subjected to the same conditions that led to the Revolutionary War of 1776:

“He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance.”

-Declaration of Independence July 4th 1776.

The Food and Drug Administration, FDA, refuses to accept medicine, as large as its benefit and strong as its healing power may be, that is not man-made and synthetic, but will gladly support producers of harmful and addicting prescription drugs. Unless the product brings in vast revenue for the pharmaceutical industry, it is unacceptable to the FDA, and what is unacceptable to the FDA is unacceptable FOR the entire American population – no matter the case, no exceptions. Since natural medicine, such as herbs and vitamins, is unacceptable to the FDA, they want the producers – WE herbalists, naturopaths, and health food store owners – to stop encouraging the use of such substances and to shut down our businesses, despite all of the people that we help on a daily basis. This is unfair and unconstitutional. We should have the freedom to dispense what is naturally grown in a garden, such as herbs, or synthesized by the human body, such as vitamins and enzymes, or not, such as minerals and amino acids. We do not intend to harm, only to help, yet the FDA labels us criminals and prosecutes us.

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