Birch Bark

Birch Bark



Botanical name: Betula alba

Origin: USA

Therapeutic actions: Anti-cholesterolemic; Anthelmintic; Antioxidant; Anti-inflammatory; Anti-rheumatic; Antiseptic; Astringent; Bitter; Cholagogue; Diaphoretic; Diuretic; Laxative; Lithontriptic; Stimulant.

Nutrients: High in vitamin C.

Drug interactions: No known drug interactions.

Description: It has been helpful for severe or chronic skin disorders. It has also been used as a blood cleanser.

Internal uses: It has been helpful in relieving headaches, fevers, kidney stones, abdominal cramps, arthritis, bladder, pain, rheumatism and insomnia. Other uses include: kidney and bladder stones, bowel trouble, diarrhea, urinary tract infections, and dysentery and to expel worms.

External uses: Use as a wash for burns, eczema, wounds and bruises.


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