Botanical name: Peumus boldus

Origin: Chile

Therapeutic actions: Abortive; Antioxidant; Antiparasitic; Antispasmodic; Anti-inflammatory; Digestive stimulant; Diuretic; Febrifuge; Gastroprotective; Hepatoprotective; Hepatotonic; Hypocholesterolemic; Hypoglycemic; Liver and Gallbladder bile stimulant; Muscle relaxant; Platelet aggregation inhibitor; Uterine relaxant; Vasorelaxant; Vermifuge.

Drug interactions: Warfarin

Description: Mainly used for gallbladder disorders such as stones.

Internal uses: It has been used for gallstones and as a gallbladder stimulant (to stimulate bile) to

tone, balance, and strengthen liver function (increases liver bile and detoxifies the liver), for upper digestive tract disorders (ulcers, sluggish digestion, lack of bile, dyspepsia), for bowel disorders (colitis, leaky gut, constipation, spastic colon, irritable bowel syndrome [IBS]), for intestinal worms and liver flukes.

Suggested dosage: 2-4 ml twice daily

Caution: It has abortive and blood-thinning effects and may cause birth defects. Don’t use while pregnant. Don’t exceed recommended dosages.


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