Bone Spurs

Bone spurs, also known as osteophytes, are bony projections that form along joints. Bone spurs form due to the body’s increase of a damaged joint’s surface area; most commonly from the onset of arthritis. Bone spurs usually limit joint movement and typically cause pain.

Daily Health Tea, Spice made with: Pau d’Arco Bark, Stevia Leaf, Cinnamon Spice, Raspberry Spice, Orange Spice, Ginger Root Spice..
Add the following extract/tinctures into the tea: Or under tongue for maximum absorption.
3020 Olive Leaf —— 24 drops 3 times daily.
3618 Turmeric—- 24 drops 3 times daily.
3130 Ginger root —- 24 drops 3 times daily
1017 Bones/Hair/Teeth/Fingernails 12-24 drops 3 times/day.

Pineapple Beverage Drink: Blend 1/2 fresh pineapple (freeze the other half to use the next time) and 1 can of frozen RW Knudsen unsweetened Cherry Cider in a half gallon pitcher. Add unsweetened Cranberry Nectar frozen concentrate, fill the pitcher with water and refrigerate. Shake well before using. Use diluted with water to taste.

And take: 8979 MSM powder 1 pound —– 1 Tbs 3 times per day with food..

Vitamins and Minerals:
2279 Good Digest  1 with cooked meals.
2455 Cal-Mag —– 3 capsules, 1 times/day before bed.
2277 Good C —– 5,000 to 20,000 mg divided doses. .
2080 B Good—- 100 mg (1 capsule), 2 times/day.
2283 Grape Seed Extract 100 mg (OPCs + 95)– 2 @ 2 times a day.:

Foot Soak:
Water….. 2 Quarts
Apple Cider Vinegar….. 1 cup
Salt….. 1/2 cup Combine ingredients and heat to warm. Soak foot 45 – 60 minutes for 3 days.
Massage with castor oil.
Wait 7 – 10 days and repeat.

Between repeating: 4601 Bones & Cartilage Renewal (External) (tincture formula.
Use as a fomentation (dampen cloth or cotton ball) and apply, cover with plastic and tape 1-3 times/day.

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