Centaury Leaf


Botanical name:  Centaurium erythraea

Origin:  Croatia

Therapeutic actions:  Appetizer; Aromatic; Anti-Periodic; Antiseptic; Bitter; Cholagogue; Diaphoretic; Digestive; Emetic; Febrifuge; Hepatic; Poultice; Stomachic; Tonic

Drug interactions:  No known drug interactions.

Description:  It has been able to act on the liver and kidneys, purify the blood and is an excellent general tonic and heart strengthener.

Internal uses:  It has stimulated the whole digestive system by increasing stomach secretions to hasten the breakdown of food and increasing bile production. It has also been helpful with fevers, dyspepsia, liver, gout, jaundice, ague and anemia.

Suggested dosage:  1—2 grams before meals

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