Chlorella Algae (Cracked Cell Walls)


Botanical name:  Chlorella vulgaris

Origin:  China

Therapeutic actions:  Antioxidant; Anti-Tumor; Nutritive

Nutrients:  It is 65% assimilable Protein. Rich in Chlorophyll, Beta Carotene, Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, DNA, RNA and Enzymes. It is also an excellent source of dietary Fiber.

Drug interactions:  No known drug interactions.

Description:  Chlorella is rich in a nutrient factor isolated in the 1950s and not available in other green foods called ‘Chlorella Growth Factor’ (CGF). This CGF makes chlorella most useful for improving growth patterns in children, maintaining health in old age, healing injuries and initiating growth where it has been stunted from disease or degeneration.

Internal uses:  Alzheimer’s disease, nervousness, palsy, seizures, sciatica, multiple sclerosis and other nerve disorders. It can promote wound healing by encouraging cell reproduction and tissue repair. Its beneficial effects on the heart include its ability to reduce high blood pressure and lower total cholesterol levels. It may help to protect the body from the effects of radiation as well as from toxic metals such as lead and mercury. Can improve digestion and encourage the growth of beneficial live bacteria in the gut. Chlorella is a popular treatment for constipation and bad breath. It is easy to digest; convenient and economical. Super Greens help with digestion, elimination, detoxification (binds with heavy metals, pesticides and such carcinogens as PCBs (polychlorobinphenyls) and carries these toxins safely out of the body. Supports people on chemotherapy or that have fibromyalgia or halitosis.

Suggested dosage:  100 mg 3 times daily

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