Cleavers Leaf


Botanical name:  Galium aparine

Origin:  Hungary

Therapeutic actions:  Alterative; Anti-Phlogistic; Aperient; Astringent; Anti-Cancer; Depurative; Diaphoretic; Diuretic; Febrifuge; Refrigerant; Skin; Tonic; Vulnerary

Nutrients:  Vitamin C

Drug interactions:  Interacts with loop diuretics, spironolactone, thiazide diuretics and triamterene.

Description:  It has been used as a diuretic to treat urinary infections and to remove urinary stones and gravel.  It has been beneficial for scalding, suppressed or painful urine.

Internal uses:  A stimulant for the lymphatic system, helping to relieve swollen lymph glands.  Considered to be a blood purifier and cleansing to the liver.  It has been useful in treating diseases such as eczema, gall stones, gonorrhea, fevers, scarlet fever, high blood pressure, psoriasis, arthritis and cancer (especially skin and lymphatic cancers).

External uses:  It has been used as a wash for wounds and sores.

Suggested dosage:  Tincture 3—5 ml 3 times daily

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