Cordyceps Mushroom


Botanical name:  Cordyceps sinensis

Origin:  China

Therapeutic actions:  Aphrodasiac; Anti-Inflammatory

Drug interactions:  None known

Description:  Has been used mainly for liver, kidney and as an aphrodisiac.

Internal uses:   It has been used for cancer, bronchial asthma, bronchitis, TB, diabetes, cough and cold, erectile dysfunction, BHP, jaundice, alcoholic hepatitis. Most traditional healers and elderly people use it to increase longevity and cure erectile dysfunction.

Other uses: Include Kidney disorders, nighttime urination, male sexual problems, anemia, irregular heartbeat, and high cholesterol, and dizziness, weakness, ringing in the ears, unwanted weight loss, opium addiction and to improve athletic performance.

Suggested dosage:  3–9 grams

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