Cumin Seed


Botanical name:  Cuminum cyminum

Origin:  Turkey/Egypt

Therapeutic actions:  Anti-Bacterial; Antispasmodic; Aphrodisiac; Astringent Carminative; Galactogogue; Poultice; Stimulant; Stomachic

Nutrients:  Iron, Manganese

Description:  It is one of the best spices to prevent and relieve flatulence.

Internal uses:  An aromatic, astringent herb that benefits the digestive system and acts as a stimulant to the sexual organs. It has been used in the treatment of minor digestive complaints, chest conditions and coughs. It has helped to increase breast milk and has been beneficial to the heart and uterus.

External uses:  It has been used in liniments to increase circulation and warmth to the area.

Suggested Dosage: 300– 600 mg daily

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