Dr.’s Natural Chocolate Treat Recipe

The Natural chocolate treat THAT IS GOOD FOR YOU!



1 box of bakers chocolate (unsweetened pure chocolate)

Stevia leaf #3851 drops per tbsp of honey

1 tablespoon of Raw honey

1 tsp of Bee pollen granules #3071

instructions: Mix together Raw honey, Bee pollen granules, and stevia. Mix until sauce look. Take chunk of chocolates and shave pieces into the sauce. Mix together and enjoy. Refrigerate and come back anytime you have a craving.

 Here’s what you have in your “Treat”

Chocolate is made from plants, which means it contains many of the health benefits of dark vegetables. These benefits are from flavonoids, which act as antioxidants. Flavonoids also help relax blood pressure through the production of nitric oxide, and balance certain hormones in the body. Antioxidants protect the body from aging caused by free radicals, which can cause damage that leads to heart disease. Dark chocolate contains a large number of antioxidants (nearly 8 times the number found in strawberries).

The sauce:

Stevia is a sugar-free and calorie-free natural sweetener rich in chromium that is 300 times sweeter than sugar. It does not cause cavities or have side effects. Is used as a sugar substitute for people with diabetes, hypoglycemia, dieters, tobacco cravers, food cravers, and anyone who wants a natural alternative to sugar. A small amount of Stevia goes a long way and leaves no aftertaste.

Bee Pollens-Bees collect only those pollens that contain the greatest amounts of protein and other nutrients. They mix them with nectar and some of the bees’ own secretions, and take them to their hives. Bee pollen contains much more protein per ounce than any other natural food and it is the only food that contains the 22 amino acids of the human body. Bee pollen is considered by some to be the most perfect food on earth in terms of its complete range of nutrients. It is used to build stamina and endurance, and as support during any weight loss program. It is considered to be an allergy breaker. Start by taking homeopathic doses and gradually increasing until the allergies are broken.People have used for: exhaustion, hay fever, hypertension, nervousness, and endocrine imbalances. Bee pollen is high in aspartic acid and is 35% protein. It is best to take bee pollen in the morning and/or early afternoon so that the body is energized throughout the day and able to shut down and rest during the night.

Raw honey has anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties. It promotes body and digestive health, is a powerful antioxidant, strengthens the immune system, & eliminates allergies. Raw honey can also stabilize blood pressure, balance sugar levels, relieve pain, calm nerves, and it has been used to treat ulcers. Raw honey is also an expectorant and anti-inflammatory and has been known to effectively treat respiratory conditions such as bronchitis and asthma.

When we look at the word “raw”, we associate it with the preservation of essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Just as raw vegetables are preferable because of their nutritional content, the same is true of honey. Raw honey is honey that has not been pasteurized,  heated, or processed in any way. The differences between raw and pasteurized honey are substantial. Raw honey is an alkaline-forming food that contains natural vitamins, enzymes, powerful antioxidants and other important natural nutrients. These are the very nutrients that are destroyed during the heating and pasteurization process. In fact, pasteurized honey is equivalent to and just as unhealthy as eating refined sugar.
Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/035493_raw_honey_health_benefits_antibacterial.html#ixzz2LfqqlOhi

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