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Colloidal Silver and the Ebola Hysteria

The spread of Ebola was the big news – particularly since it was announced that several American victims of Ebola in West Africa were going to be evacuated to the U.S. for treatment.

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What is silver water or Colloidal Silver Water?

More than 90 years ago, doctors and health practitioners discovered the life-saving, disinfectant and germicidal properties in colloidal silver. Anecdotal evidence has confirmed its efficacy as a natural antibiotic, anti-viral and anti-fungal agent. Colloidal Silver is a solution of extremely fine sub microscopic particles (.015 – .005 microns) of pure silver suspended in water by a positive electric charge on each particle. The particles remain suspended throughout the solution because these positive charged particles repel each other with a greater force than gravity can exert upon.

Silver has been used for hundreds of years not only medicinally, but as a preservative to keep water and milk fresh because it prevents the growth of algae, bacteria and other unwanted organisms. Colloidal silver was used extensively as a natural antibiotic until the 1940s when the advent of “modern” antibiotics became popular.  A powerful germicidal, silver is an exceptional metal in that it is non-toxic to the human body, but lethal to over 650 disease causing bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, and molds; while conventional pharmaceutical antibiotics are typically effective against only 6 or 7 types of bacteria. Some new strains of bacteria classified as MDR (Multiple Drug Resistant) have proven to be resistant to all pharmaceutical antibiotics, but not to colloidal silver due to different germicidal mechanisms of deactivation.

How does colloidal silver work?

Silver utilizes to incapacitate disease-causing organisms. They are Catalytic OxidationReaction with Cell Membranes, and Binding with the DNA of disease organisms to prevent unwinding. There is evidence that silver ions attach to membrane surface radicals of bacteria, impairing cell respiration and blocking its energy transfer system. One explanation is based on the nature of enzyme construction: Specific enzymes are required for a given biochemical activity to take place. Enzyme molecules usually require a specific metallic atom as part of the molecular matrix in order to function. A metal of higher valance can replace a metal of lower valance in the enzyme complex, preventing the enzyme from functioning normally. Silver, with a valance of plus 2, can replace many metals with a lower or equal valance that exhibit weaker atomic bonding properties.

How do I take it?

Colloidal Silver may be taken orally or topically; applied directly to the skin. It can be used vaginally, anally, atomized or inhaled into the nose or lungs, and dropped into eyes. Liquid silver as well as new gel formulations may be applied directly to the skin. A few drops on a Q-Tip or Band-Aid may be used to disinfect any wound or sore. Properly prepared, colloidal silver can also be injected into a muscle, a cancerous tumor, or into the bloodstream. Dosage:

How much do I take?

An extremely conservative approach would be to start with 1 or 2 ounces once or twice a day, however colloidal silver is not a poisonous substance like drugs are and therefore, dosage is not critical-even for children. It is not mused unless there is a need and is not taken daily. For colds and flu symptoms, one or two ounces 3-6 times daily frequently will speed recovery. Some individuals have reported drinking as much as 2 – 8 0z. glasses in the morning and another 2 – 8 oz. glasses in the afternoon/evening to knock down a cold or flu on the first day that symptoms start showing up. They claim that they have been able to completely abort the cold or flu on the first day of symptoms. And, I have done so, many times with the great-grand kids.

Can I overdose on Colloidal Silver Water?

Over use of colloidal silver can result in a condition called argyria, where the skin and mucous membranes turn gray or blue-gray in color because of the silver particles depositing in the tissues and oxidizing when exposed to air and sunlight. Some people are more prone than others are to developing this condition, especially those with low vitamin E and selenium levels and those with slower metabolisms. The first signs of argyria are when the gums turn grayish-brown in color.

If this did happen, you would simply take a Heavy Metal Detox and your color will return to normal.

In 2008, the federal government itself demonstrated the fact that antimicrobial silver is, under certain conditions, whichI will explain below, extremely effective against Ebola and other hemorrhagic fever viruses.

Diseases like MRSA are a far more realistic threat to the population of the U.S. than Ebola.

We know that, because the FDA’s own testing has demonstrated that 61% of all meat in supermarkets is already contaminated with the deadly MRSA pathogen (up from 50% only last year). In addition, independent testing backs those numbers up.

Largely because of this, some 39,000 Americans now get infected by the flesh-eating MRSA pathogen every single year, and a full 20% of those infected end up dying – constituting more deaths annually than those caused by AIDS.  Yet there is not as much as a peep about it in the mainstream news media.

On the other hand you have a virus like Ebola, which is largely endemic to West Africa, and which hasn’t caused a single death anywhere in the United States…ever. Nor has there been a single infection in the U.S. Therefore, your likelihood of coming into contact with the deadly MRSA pathogen is quite high. However, your likelihood of being anywhere near the vicinity of an Ebola victim is just about zero.

Yet the mainstream news media drumbeat about the so-called “Ebola threat” is relentless. As a result, people are quite literally going out of their minds with fear over it.

You can be exposed to the MRSA superbug just about any day of the week – right now – especially when you shop for meat at your local supermarket.

What’s more, with MRSA all you need is a small cut or scratch on your body for it to go internal, induce sepsis, cause organ failure and other calamities, giving you a one-in-five chance of living through the infection.

Nevertheless, thankfully, colloidal silver cures MRSA with relative ease. Colloidal silver has been known as the world’s most powerful natural antibiotic since long before the time of Christ and is the cure for MRSA and other deadly super-pathogens.

Back in 2008, the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) in conjunction with several other federal agencies quietly conducted clinical research into the use of silver particles against Ebola and other hemorrhagic fever viruses.

Moreover, what they found was astonishing. They discovered that silver particles were highly effective against these deadly viruses, including the Ebola virus.

They later presented their findings to federal health regulators and other national health authorities. However, it was all kept top secret. The presentation was called “Silver particles Neutralize Hemorrhagic Fever Viruses.”

And the gist of the presentation was that silver particles displayed “powerful neutralizing effects against hemorrhagic fever viruses,” including Arenavirus and Filovirus (i.e., Ebola).

This clinical presentation was conducted under the auspices of the DOD’s Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) and the U.S. Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM) Center for Combating Weapons of Mass Destruction.

And researchers gave the presentation from the Applied Biotechnology Branch, 711th Human Performance Wing of the Air Force Research Laboratory.

In other words, those are the big guns, folks! This is to say, those are the very people responsible for keeping this nation safe from outside threats like bioterrorism.

That clinical presentation, made to federal regulators and national health authorities, was later summarized in a printed document, de-classified, and cleared for public release. But there was no news media excitement surrounding the release of this information.

And to this very day, to my knowledge, there still has not been a single report in the mainstream news media on the release of this important information, in spite of the fact that Department of Defense researchers found antimicrobial silver to be profoundly effective against Ebola and other hemorrhagic fever viruses, under certain circumstances, which we will discuss below.

Before we get into the results of this research, as documented in the published version of the DOD presentation, it is important to note that one of the main tasks of the DOD’s Defense Threat Reduction Agency is to “anticipate and mitigate future threats long before they have a chance to harm the United States and our allies.”

In other words, the researchers were specifically looking for ways to stop Ebola or other hemorrhagic fever viruses from damaging our national security.

And the results they found when using silver particles for that precise purpose were strikingly positive – enough so to warrant not just the presentation to health and regulatory authorities, but its later publication and public release.

What Researchers Discovered

The researchers tested silver particles of several different sizes and concentrations on infected cells in vitro (meaning, in the test tube).

And they concluded that silver particles were able to neutralize hemorrhagic fever viruses inside the cells by “decreasing S segment gene expression and concomitantly decreasing progeny virus production.”

Translation: Silver stops the Ebola virus and related hemorrhagic fever viruses from replicating inside the cells. And when there is no viral replication inside the cells, there is no spread of infection!

The researchers had discovered the holy grail Ebola treatments. But they also discovered that neutralization of the virus by silver occurs during the early phases of viral replication.

Therefore, they pointed out that for antimicrobial silver to be effective against Ebola and other hemorrhagic fever viruses, the treatment would have to be administered PRIOR to viral infection or at least within the first few hours after initial exposure to the virus.

In other words, for antimicrobial silver to be effective, an exposed person would need to have already been taking it, or at the very least would have to start taking it within a few short hours of exposure to an infected individual.

Another interesting thing the researchers discovered is that while an enzymatic protein called Cathepsin B has been shown to play an essential role in Ebola virus replication, silver particles work to decrease cathepsin activity, thus further limiting viral replication in the cell and subsequent spread of the virus to other cells.

And by far the most interesting thing the researchers discovered is that only very low concentrations of silver particles were necessary to prevent replication of the virus.

Indeed, a low concentration of 10 ppm colloidal silver appears to have worked better than higher concentrations of 25 ppm or 50 ppm colloidal silver. This means there is no need for overly high silver concentrations.

Simply put, smaller silver particles penetrate cells and tissues easier, and are therefore better able to get to the point of infection before the virus spreads.

My entire family and I myself have been using Colloidal Silver Water for over 20 years now and have seen miraculous results! Stories from infants to seniors being able to recover or avoid deadly disease have been pouring in for years! My opinion this is truly miracle water and everyone should have a Colloidal Silver Water Generator in his or her home during these times!

information from:http://www.colloidalsilvercuresmrsa.com/mrsa_cure.htm

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