Foot Fungus

Watch sugar intake like: refined sugars, alcohol and natural (fruits).

Drink half your body weight of water per day.

Use daily: Green Tea Antiseptic SoapThis soap has a pleasant herbal scent and is a natural antiseptic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral. It controls odor, acne, and rashes.

Herbal fungx Developed for toenail fungus and plantar fibromatosis.

Foot fungus SalveFoot Fungus Salve helps alleviate and defend against athlete’s foot fungus and other fungal infections.

Acidophilus, non-dairy powder-
Acidophilus, Non-Dairy: Capsules: Take 1 capsule, 1-4 times daily, with or before meals. No refrigeration required.

  Diet can ‘rapidly and reproducibly’ alter our gut bacteria: Study Shifts in dietary patterns can radically alter the microbial make-up of our gut in less than a day, leading to rapid alterations in the functions of our microbiota, say researchers.

The normal, healthy colon contains friendly bacteria (85% lactobacillus and 15% coliform bacteria). It is the friendly bacterial flora found in yogurt and is essential to the digestive system. When these bacteria are not in balance, then the person may experience bloating, flatulence, constipation, fungus and malabsorption of nutrients, all of which may lead to Candida. It can be taken as a dietary supplement to  help to detoxify and to rebuild a balanced intestinal flora.

Colloidal silver waterNature’s Natural Healer! Make your own colloidal silver water with our safe and easy generator. Read Truman’s Blog on Colloidal Silver water click here.

Save BIG! with a Colloidal Silver Water Generator
My opinion is that this is truly a miracle water and everyone should have a Generator in their home during these times! And it is very portable. Truman takes it day and night for up to 10 days and longer if necessary. For Lupus 10 days on and off for up 90 days. Always taking Acidophilus Powder – Non Dairy when not taking C/S Water.

Oregano Oil Oregano is nature’s antibiotic. Oregano oil has been shown to kill unwanted bacteria, fungus, yeast, parasites and viruses. It’s a powerful antihistamine. New research is finding that oil of oregano is as effective against colitis as prescription drugs without the harmful side effects. It is also able to regenerate liver cells.  

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Eucalyptus, Essential Oil

Tea Tree, Essential Oil


 Use file and file nails down on top where fungus is infected.

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