How To Use Tinctures


Tinctures are easy to take; simply place drops under the tongue or in water, tea or juice. In general, a dose of 6-12 drops can be taken 3 or 4 times a day. In times of health crisis, you can take 30-60 drops each 1/2 hour until the crisis has passed, then resume normal dosages. Half dosages are recommended for young children.

For your convenience you may combine any tincture with another or use them before or after prescription medicines. Be sure to monitor the effects and avoid overmedicating. Note: Some tinctures may appear to be cloudy or have suspended particles. This is normal, as some may contain honey, vinegar, glycerin or lecithin. Herbs will also change slightly in color and taste from season to season.




*Tbls – means tablespoon of the powdered herb, which is approximate.
6 drops = 300 mg40 drops = 2 ml = 1 *Tbls10 drops = 500 m
1183 drops = 2 ounces = 111 (500 mg) capsules
1 squirt = 20 drops (avg)       66 squirts = 2 ounces
Taken 1 x per day6 drops = 198 days12 drops = 99 days
 Taken 2 x per day6 drops = 99 days12 drops = 50 days
Taken 3 x per day6 drops = 66 days12 drops = 33 days



Most orthodox medical institutions in America frown upon self-health care and the use of herbs, natural foods and other types of natural healing modalities for the reestablishment and maintenance of health. However it is every Americans inherent right to freely choose for themselves whatever type and source of health care he or she deems appropriate. However it must be emphasized that practicing such medical freedom not only involves the responsibility of acquiring valid health information and skills, but also the wisdom to recognize when health care is needed, and to choose that health care with discretion. This information is not intended to medically prescribe or promote the sale of any herb or supplement over prescription medicines, or to replace qualified medical health care. The author and Health & Herbs assumes no responsibility if you prescribe for yourself. If you have, or think you have, a condition which requires medical attention, you should immediately seek qualified professional care. FDA has not evaluated this statement. These products are not intended for prevention, treatment, cure or mitigation of disease.

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