Natural Antibiotics


Ant-B-combination of Echinacea Root, Goldenseal Leaf, Poke Root, Cayenne Pepper. Works great to as a natural antibiotic. Can be taken every 2-3 times per day for 10 days consistently. Grapefruit Seed Extract add 3-4 drops to a glass of orange juice, must be orange juice, and drink. Do this 3-4 times per day. Helps rid of bacterial, fungal and viral infections.

 Single Extracts:

Colloidal Silver Water- Colloidal Silver has been used for hundreds of years not only medicinally, but as a preservative to keep water and milk fresh because it prevents the growth of algae, bacteria and other unwanted organisms. Colloidal silver was used extensively as a natural antibiotic until the 1940s when the advent of “modern” antibiotics became popular.  A powerful germicidal, silver is an exceptional metal in that it is non-toxic to the human body, but lethal to over 650 disease-causing bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, and molds; while conventional pharmaceutical antibiotics are typically effective against only 6 or 7 types of bacteria. Some new strains of bacteria classified as MDR (Multiple Drug Resistant) have proven to be resistant to all pharmaceutical antibiotics, but not to colloidal silver due to different germicidal mechanisms of deactivation.

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Acidophilus Powder – Non Dairy when not taking C/S Water.

Goldenseal root Is so valued because it improves health in many ways: It is a strong antimicrobial, a mild anti-inflammatory, and a digestive tonic! Its astringent properties make it useful for treating conditions of the throat, stomach, and vagina, when these tissues are inflamed, swollen, or infected.

Andrographis Leaf This herb has been revered for treating infectious diseases and highly regarded also as having a preventative effect from many diseases, due to its powerful immune strengthening benefits.

Olive Leaf Extract This herb can  fight almost any type of infection — bacterial, viral, fungi and parasites. Use olive leaf extract 6-12 drops, three times per day with meals to treat the flu, colds, sinusitis, herpes, psoriasis and allergies.

Echinacea Is one of the best general remedies for helping the body rid itself of microbial infections. In conjunction with other “guiding” herbs (such as uva ursi, myrrh, garlic, thyme, colloidal silver, mullein, Oregon grape root, and goldenseal) it may be used for any infection or inflammation anywhere in the body. It is often effective against both bacterial and viral attacks.

Garlic Garlic’s power and value as a healing agent is unsurpassed and cannot be overstated…it has been used throughout history as an effective antibiotic. Garlic’s broad antimicrobial spectrum incorporates antifungal, antiparasitic, antiprotozoan, and antiviral attributes in one food source. Garlic is most potent chewed or crushed raw. Nothing science has ever created comes close to doing what garlic can do. Mince fresh garlic into little pieces and chase down with juice or water. Do this every hour until sickness subsides.

Oregon Grape Root  A great treatment for sore throats, disorders of the stomach, intestines, urinary organs, eczema, herpes, psoriasis, acne, and pimples – contains as one of its primary constituents, berberine, which can stop bacteria dead in its tracts. It can be used as an infusion, a wound wash, dried in capsules, or tinctured. Raw Honey Raw honey is so much more than just a natural sweetener. Raw honey, which has not been pasteurized or filtered, can be especially useful for medicinal, antibiotic purposes. Raw honey can be used: as a preservative, to sooth a sore throat and ease a cough, treat minor cuts, scrapes and burns by applying directly to the affected area, and as a healing mask for blemished prone skin.

Mullein – Mullein’s gentle nature makes it one of the very best herbs for use with children. It basically helps break up bacteria and heal ailments affecting the upper respiratory tract and sinuses. Numerous studies report its ability to reduce upper respiratory infection symptoms, such as fatigue, sore throat, cough and headache.

MyrrhMyrrh has been used by natural healers for hundreds of years. It is touted for its antiseptic, antibiotic and antiviral properties. It can be taken internally and used externally as a gargle or wash for wounds. It is most commonly recommended for bacterial oral infections (including mouth sores), bronchitis, and sore throats. Myrrh should only be used during the acute phase of the illness and is not suitable for long-term internal use.  

Sage Among the Ancients and throughout the Middle Ages, sage was held in high esteem. Hippocrates held the position, “Cur moriatur homo cui Salvia crescit in horto?” (“Why should a man die while Sage grows in his garden?”) The list of the benefits of sage is long and impressive. It’s ability to heal ailments of the mouth, teeth, blood, joints, liver, urine, head, sinuses, throat, lungs, and stomach is truly amazing!   

Thyme Modern herbalists value thyme for its expectorant and antibacterial properties and it is frequently used in preparations to support and protect the respiratory system. The essential oil is an effective disinfectant and natural preservative that is used in many skin preparations, not only for its therapeutic effect, but to protect the product itself from microbial contamination and spoilage. Thyme is also an excellent treatment for bacterial acne — even better than prescription medications!

Oregano Oil Oregano is nature’s antibiotic. Oregano oil has been shown to kill unwanted bacteria, fungus, yeast, parasites and viruses. It’s a powerful antihistamine. New research is finding that oil of oregano is as effective against colitis as prescription drugs without the harmful side effects. It is also able to regenerate liver cells.  

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