Tansy Leaf




Botanical name: Tanacetum vulgare

Origin: Hungary

Therapeutic actions: Anthelmintic; Abortifacient stimulant; Anti-venomous; Antispasmodic; Carminative; Diaphoretic; Depurant; Detergent; Emmenagogue; Sedative; Tonic; Vulnerary.

Description: Tansy is valuable in exhausting diseases.

Internal uses: It may be used to promote menstruation, flatulence, measles, tuberculosis, leprosy, insect, snake bites, hysteria, jaundice, dropsy, kidney weakness, stomach spasms, gout, epilepsy and low fever. It has also been used for migraines, neuralgia, rheumatism and loss of appetite. It has been used to expel round and thread worms; drink the tea while fasting for this purpose.

External uses: It has been used as a wash for skin problems: blemishes, bruises, sprains, scabies and as a compress for rheumatic joints.

Suggested Dosage: .1 gram daily.

Caution: An overdose can be poisonous and even fatal. Do not use if pregnant.


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