Tribulus Fruit




Botanical name: Tribulus terrestris

Origin: China

Therapeutic actions: Abortifacient; Alterative; Anthelmintic; Aphrodisiac; Carminative; Demulcent; Diuretic; Galactogogue; Infertility; Pectoral.

Description: The different parts of the plant are used for different disorders.

Internal uses: It stimulates blood circulation, impotence, nocturnal emissions, gonorrhea, and incontinence of urine, painful urination, and gout and kidney diseases. The plant has shown anti-cancer activity. The flowers are used in the treatment of leprosy. The stems are used in the treatment of scabies skin diseases and psoriasis. The dried and concocted fruits are used in the treatment of congestion, gas, headache, liver, ophthalmia and stomatitis.


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