Back to school and Kids Natural Remedy essentials!

Back to school and Kids Must Have’s!


Getting your kids ready to start the school year involves more than finding the perfect backpack, buying school supplies, and shopping for new clothes. It means safeguarding their health so they’ll be physically ready for the challenges of heading back to school. Consider these tips for a healthy start for your child’s new school year.

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IntraKid is an all-in-one liquid dietary supplement. This great-tasting natural formula contains over 215 essential ingredients derived from whole food sources such as fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

Product Description

intraKID® is specially formulated for children ages 4 years and older.* This great-tasting, liquid dietary supplement contains more than 215 essential ingredients derived from whole food sources such as fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

215+ Ingredients in One Ounce
71 Organically-bound Trace Minerals
(full spectrum; plant-derived)
100% Carbon-bond Organic®
Essential Fatty Acids
Super Green Foods
Digestive Enzymes
Seeds and Sprouts
Vitamin Sources
Macro Minerals
Protein Minerals
Essential Sugars
Amino Acids
Fulvic Acid
Aloe Vera
(Raspberry Flavor)

Yes, they make IntraMax for adults.

great alternative for natural antibiotic

CVF Begone
-wonderful combo of all natural ingredients that’s helps boost your immune system during the sick seasons.

Oral care refresh Brush & Rinse tooth paste replacement (10 times better than toothpaste)
– oral rinse for good oral care.  Look MOM ! No more cavities tooth care breakthrough! And it isn’t just for kids – it’s for Dad and Mom too!

Melatonin (sweet sleep)

Phosphatidylserine is an important chemical with widespread functions in the body. It is part of the cell structure and is essential in the maintenance of cellular function, especially in the brain. Depression, Stress, Improving athletic performance, Improving thinking ability, Kids can even remember to do the dishes, take out trash, and possibly mow the lawn!

About Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and Other conditions involving brain function stability.

has been used for increasing circulation to the scalp and brain for peripheral circulation of the blood. Almost any condition that can be helped with blood flow would benefit from taking gingko.

this formula works best when taken in addition to whole lifestyle changes and eating habits. These herbs work with the nerves and the brain. It is full of nutrients and anti-aging properties.

Supports Your Nervous System and Brain. Living in today’s fast paced world means dealing with high stress. It also requires quick thinking. GABA Complex is made of some of the best ingredients for nervous system and brain health.** There is Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA)-which functions as a neurotransmitter in the central nervous system. Inositol, an essential component of cell membranes that plays an important role in cell growth and function. Niacin, a B-Vitamin that 4576-Colloidal Silver Generator250promotes nervous system health and energy metabolism. Together, these ingredients help you cope with the demands of the modern world by supporting the health of your nervous system and brain.

Colloidal silver generator-
Read more here about the safest natural antibiotic for the whole family:
Read more about Colloidal Silver Water

No Lice Formula

Product Description


Thyme Oil, Lavender Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Pure Castile Soap.


Use 1/4 teaspoon or more. Shampoo twice. Leave on 2-3 minutes each time and rinse

Tea Tree oilfor eliminating lice as well as an antiseptic/antibacterial for many skin problems including acne.

Bentonite clay-
Use to eliminate toxins in your body as well as using as face-mask for acne and a a deep cleanse.

Herbal Kits & Health Systems
for extra savings!

Common Conditions  Do you know about natural remedies for health?


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