Botanical name:  Bacopa Monnieri

Origin:  India

Nutrients:  Contains Bacosides A and B

Description:  Bacopa is traditionally used to help with learning, memory problems, attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder, and mental endurance.

In the Ayurvedic medicine system of India, Bacopa is very often prescribed for memory improvement as well as enhancing ones cognitive ability and to promote optimal brain function. It is especially good for improving attention and focus.

Bacopa contains bacosides and saponins which have a very beneficial effect on the brain’s neurotransmitters and also help to repair neurons that have become damaged. The bacosides in this herb possess antioxidant activity and help protect the brain from free radical damage. Bacopa extract is now being considered as a possible treatment for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Bacopa is truly a great overall brain tonic.

Suggested dosage:   250-500 mg 3 times daily. Tincture: 3-5 ml 3 times daily.

CAUTION: Women who are pregnant or nursing should first talk to their doctor before taking. May cause sleepiness if taken in high doses.

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