Bupleurum Chinensis Root

Bupleurum Chinesis



Botanical name: Bupleurum chinesis

Origin: China

Therapeutic actions: Anti-inflammatory; Hepato-protective; Mild sedative; Anti-pyretic (reduces fever); Analgesic; Adaptogen; Anti-tussive; Diaphoretic; Carminative.

Nutrients: Vitamins A, B1, B2, C and D.

Drug interactions: Interacts with Interferon.

Description: Bupleurum root is bitter and pungent in taste and cooling (anti-inflammatory) in action. It has been beneficial for its treatment for the liver, gall bladder and menstrual problems.

Internal uses: It releases internal tension and lowers mental stress and anxiety; reduces dizziness and vertigo. It warms coldness of hands and feet caused by tension, stimulates the immune system, reduces fever and liver inflammation, stimulates bile flow, protects the liver and improves digestion. Also good for irritable bowel syndrome, HIV and epilepsy.

Suggested dosage: 500—2000 mg daily.


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