Cold & Flu


Cold and flu viral infections most often occur between October through February when the immune system is busy fighting off the stress of winter. Physicians can only prescribe bed rest, plenty of fluids, decongestants, cough syrups, and maybe some chicken soup. Washing hands frequently greatly reduces spreading and duration of colds and flu virus. 

Let’s start with making those fluids 4160, Daily Health Tea, which is Pau d’Arco with delicious natural flavors. Now let’s add (or can be taken separately).

6 or more drops of 1111, Congestion formula in the tea and, if the respiratory tract and/or sinuses need more attention, add 6 or more drops of 1378, Respiratory System formula into the tea. Now Drink 

Colloidal Silver Water: 32 oz. Drinking and sipping. Also putting in diffuser/nebulizer  with 10-20 drops of Eucalyptus oil Day and night until well for up to 10 days, and sometimes longer.
Then take
Acidophilus Powder, Non-Dairy:  1/4 to 1/2 tsp daily for life.

After the tea, keep those fluids coming with some herbal chicken soup by adding some 3398 garlic3205 cayenne,
3404 ginger
 and 3523 kelp tinctures to the soup just before serving. It is acceptable to put some in while cooking as long as you are aware that this is mainly for flavor and that the medicinal value is destroyed in the cooking.  Incidentally, bacterial infections and allergies are similar in symptoms and are frequently battled with antibiotics which destroy the immune system. So that is why the 1/2 teaspoon of 2030 Acidophilus powder is taken a half hour before meals to slow the harmful bacteria and increase the friendly bacteria.  Sometimes you need even more help. This old-time formula came from Dr. John R. Christopher’s book, School of Natural Healing. It has been referred to as the ‘anti-plague formula.’ I call it Colds/Flu/Virus Begone formula 1126 because these modern colds and flu’s are plagues. A teaspoon to a tablespoon , 3 or more times/day helps to remove symptoms immediately, including nausea.


Here are some handy remedies that you should be aware of in case they meet that special need: 

1018  Ant-B (Antibiotic formula)—– is the #1 natural antibiotic formula to have on hand for that extra infection fighter and immune booster. 

4710 Colloidal Silver Water (silver water) —– is a must to have on hand for doubling the immune system and a specific for respiratory support. Provide a host of internal and external uses for human and animal health.
Save big! And get a  4675 Colloidal Silver Water Generator and make your own silver water.

1051 Asthma formula —– is very effective. 

1078 CAC (colon and liver cleanser) Liquid —– (with colds and flu’s, you must keep the stool very soft).

4837 Truman’s Special Fiber —– to stop diarrhea or keep bowel movements from being TOO soft. Adsorbs toxins, and is loaded with nutrients that are nourishing the digestive tract and entire body.

1105 Cold Sores formula —– can be taken internally or used externally for relief.   

1126 Colds/Flu Begone formula —– The ultimate formula to strengthen the body against cold’s, flu’s, and virus’s. 

1087 Coughs/Sore Throat Syrup formula — is the most delicious, and effective cough syrup I have ever used. 

1390 Sinus and Lung Congestion formula —– is helpful when more support is needed. 

1147 Stop Diarrhea —– can be handy to stop diarrhea. 

1183 Fever Reducer —– can be invaluable. 

1207 Gargle (herbal) formula —– has helped a lot of throat and gum problems.

1231 Hay Fever formula —– Ahhhhh – hay fever relief.. 

1234 Immune System formula —– is a team of herbs to strengthen, and support a weak system. 

1321 Nerves formula —– is for restlessness. 

1411 Sweat it out —– for those times when it is appropriate to sweat it out. 

1387 Sleep formula —– is good when help is needed for sleeping. 

1402 Strep Throat Relief —– can be just right for strep. 

3348 Elderberry Flower (herb) —– has been in the health news lately because of its ability to disarm the flu virus from penetrating the cells and is available by itself or in combination with other herbs like: 

3341 Echinacea —– which is a stand-alone herb against infections. 

2657 Zinc Gluconate —–Some studies have found that zinc lozenges may reduce the duration of cold, perhaps by as much as 50%.

Plenty of liquids, eat light, no heavy meals, while recovering. With these old fashioned remedies, colds and flues, stuffy heads and congestion may be prevented or removed faster than you can sneeze!

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