Cubeb Berries


Botanical name:  Piper cubeba

Origin:  Malaysia

Therapeutic actions:  Anthelmintic; Aphrodisiac; Anti-Bacterial; Anti-Asthmatic; Anti-Syphilitic; Anti-Dysenteric; Antiseptic; Anti-Inflammatory; Carminative; Diuretic; Expectorant; Irritant; Purgative; Sedative; Stomachic; Stimulant

Nutrients:  Essential fatty oils

Description:  It has been useful for bladder and urinary problems. Kills mosquito larvae.Internal uses:  It has been used for burning urine, leucorrhea and gonorrhea. Cigarettes made of cubeb are said to help with hay fever, asthma and pharyngitis.  It gives tone to the stomach and bowels.  It is used for indigestion, catarrh, bronchitis, coughs and lung problems.

Suggested Dosage: 300-600 mg daily

CAUTION:  Do not take more than recommended dosage or it can cause more damage to the urinary organs.

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