Kidney/ Bladder

Natural remedies tend to help clean out the kidneys or relieve PKD symptoms.
They are designed to slow the progress of the disease, since there is no cure.

Drinking water and transitioning to a low-protein, low-sodium diet also may slow the effects of high blood pressure, a common symptom of PKD. Stopping smoking, increasing exercise and reducing stress is also crucial to treatment.


Treating Polycystic Kidney Disease

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  • Kidneys are vital to the human body, which means that kidney failure results in transplants or dialysis to manually remove the body of wastes. Because the kidneys serve an important function in the body–they filter fluids and wastes from the blood to form urine and regulate some of the body’s substances–the effects are serious when kidney disease develops. Polycystic kidney disease is especially dangerous because it can cause liver cysts and problems with blood vessels in the heart and the brain in addition to causing kidney malfunction. PKD can also cause blood in the urine, frequent urinary tract infections, high blood pressure, kidney stones, aneuryisms,and diverticulosis. Therefore, treatment for PKD is vitally important in keeping the disease and its symptoms under control and to help prevent kidney failure later. Because patients suffering from polycystic kidney disease display an array of symptoms, various treatments are prescribed by traditional doctors. Over-the-counter pain medications are given for discomfort, large amounts of water are recommended when blood is in the urine to keep it diluted, hormone avoidance or partial liver removal are used to treat liver cysts, low sodium healthy diets are advised to keep blood pressure under control, and antibiotics are used to treat frequent kidney infections. Alternative health treatment for kidney disease include taken as directed on the label:
    amino acids,
    Super Green foods,
    Organic liquid Multi-Vitamin IntraMAX

    Additionally, some herbs are believed to relieve some of the symptoms of the disease. The herbs include the following:

    Anemia Relief (new name Plasmania), which can help the kidneys excrete waste; Pomegranate Concentrate, which has antibiotic properties and helps to acidify urine; celery, which works as a diuretic to decrease uric acid; parsley, which works as a diuretic to decrease uric acid; hydrangea, which cleanses the urinary tract; and Uva Ursi, which is has germicidal properties that cleanse the urinary tract.

    Your body has two kidneys that function to filter toxins and waste products from your blood. They also regulate the electrolyte levels in your body. Waste products of cellular metabolism, often rich in nitrogen, are eliminated from your body in the form of urine. Occasionally, urine can crystallize and form renal calculi (kidney stones). If left untreated, these kidney stones can cause blockage and severe pain. However, by applying the natural treatments below, and after consulting with a doctor about your symptoms, you can cleanse your urinary system of kidney stones at home. Consume fruits high in citrates. Citrates stop kidney stones from increasing in size while preventing calcium from accumulating in your kidneys. Fruits high in citrates include grapes, bananas, oranges and tomatoes.  

Kidney Stone – Gall Stone Nourishing Cleanse

Marshmallow Root Tea Marshmallow Root, Althaea officinalis is a species indigenous to Africa, which is used as a medicinal plant and ornamental plant. Nourishes the urinary tract, cats stones so they will pass without pain or bleeding
1 tablespoon to 1 quart of boiling water , let stand and cool for 15 minutes and then drink warm or cold thru out day finishing 2-3 hour before bed. Aid all the below herbs 30 or more drops 3 times a day for at least 30 days.
Add the following: 30 or more drops of  Kidney/Bladder tincture/extract. This formula is herbs historically and traditionally used the sooth, nourish and heal kidneys. Contains: Peach Bark, Marshmallow Root, Buchu Leaf, Corn Silk, Echinacea, Goldenrod, Parsley Root, Red Clover Blossums, Dandelion Root, Watermelon seed, and Uva Ursi Leaf.

30 drops 3 times daily of  kava-kava tincture/extract. This herb is a calcium channel blocker which alleviates the spasms related to kidney stones while relaxing your urethra.

30 or more drops  Schizandra Berry to strengthen the digestive organs and the immune system.  It protects against free radical damage and viral and bacterial infections.

30 or more drops  Nettle leaf contains biologically active compounds that reduce inflammation.

Herbs for better kidney health include combinations of some or all of these nutrients in extract form. Additionally, marshmallow tea is recommended because it cleanses the kidneys.

30 or more drops 3 -6 times daily Watermelon seed is recommended because it is a diuretic.

Goldenrod is recommended because it can act as an inflammatory. The herbs can also be ingested in other forms; celery and parsley can be eaten raw, while cranberries can be consumed dried or in juice blends.

Additionally, juniper berries, and red clover are all beneficial for those with kidney disease.

Gall Stone Cleanse
Stones Clear


Hydrangea Root, Gravel Root, Marshmallow Root, Goldenrod Leaf, Structured Water and 20% Alcohol. Vegetable Glycerin would replace the alcohol for alcohol free tinctures.


Use 30 drops in mouth, juice or water. May be taken 3 times daily. Shake well. Store in cool dark place.

Special Precautions & Warnings:

Keep out of reach of children.

Drink an olive oil and lemon juice concoction. The olive oil lubricates and soothes your urethral passages while the high acidity of the lemon juice breaks down the crystal aggregations, clearing your urethral passages of kidney stones. Drink this mixture once a day before going to bed. If stone pain is detected, mix 2 oz. olive oil with 2 oz. lemon juice,drink straight down and then drink a large glass of water. Stones should pass within 24 hours. Drink organic raw apple cider vinegar. The high acidity of apple cider vinegar breaks up your kidney stones and allows them to easily pass from your body through your urine. Drink 5 tbsp. of apple cider vinegar (ACV) daily, preferably 30 minutes before meals, diluted to your taste in water. Drink a lot of water. Increasing your water consumption prevents new kidney stones from forming, while softening existing ones. Drink twelve full glasses of water a day to cleanse your urinary system of kidney stones.
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