Neem Leaf




Botanical name: Azadirachta indica

Origin: China

Therapeutic actions: Anti-inflammatory; Anti-arthritic; Anti-pyretic; Hypoglycemic; Antigastric ulcer; Spermicidal; Anti-fungal; Anti-bacterial; Diuretic; Antimalarial; Anti-tumor; Immunemodulatory.

Drug Interactions: No known Drug interactions.

Description: Neem leaf extracts have been used to control leprosy, respiratory disorders, constipation and also as a general health promoter.

Internal uses: Its use for the treatment of rheumatism, chronic syphilitic sores and indolent ulcer. Bark, leaf, root, flower and fruit together cure blood morbidity, biliary afflictions, itching, skin ulcers, burning sensations and pthysis. Also has been used for gingivitis, peptiulcer, tooth decay and vaginitis.

External uses: If you mix Neem oil 1-4% mixed in another oil base like coconut or mustard can be used to repel insects.

Suggested Dosage: 2-4 tsp leaf juice or 2-4 grams 2 to 3 times daily.


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